Equipment Pilates is a Next-Level Workout.

  • Pilates classes utilize equipment that helps create internal pressure to elongate the spine. A healthy spine helps prevent and decrease back pain, including low back pain.
  • Equipment Pilates is a unique workout that adds resistance using spring tension.
  • Pilates on the Reformer, Tower, and Chair focus on alignment, improved balance, and intense muscle engagement for your body’s core (abs, lower back, hips, and glutes).
  • Pilates equipment aids in engaging muscles using both eccentric and concentric movements. Eccentric contractions will improve muscle strength more than concentric contractions.
  • Start with our Reformer Flow classes and enjoy learning and growing your pilates practice!
Free Intro Class- Grip Socks Required

Prior to taking any classes at Symmetry Studios Pilates, each individual is highly advised to our introductory class. This is a 30-minute Reformer Flow session to familiarize clients with Reformer and Equipment Pilates. Memberships and Punch passes can be purchased at the studio during your intro class!

*Grip socks can be purchased at the studio for 20% off at your Intro Class*

Reformer Flow

Develop a solid Pilates foundation of Pilates with our Reformer Flow class. A full body workout focused on increasing strength and lengthening your muscles. Reformer flow is an effective workout with an emphasis on abdominal work. Easily modified for clients who may have physical limitations or injuries. All fitness levels welcome!

*Grip socks required, 50 min session.

Advanced Reformer Flow
Continue to progress in your pilates practice with more complex movements and faster pace instruction. This class incorporates intermediate and advanced Pilates repertoire to give our clients a challenging workout. Emphasis on full body movements and coordination provides efficiency and improves progression. Includes a variety of equipment including the Reformer, Mat and Wunda chair.
*Instructor approval required prior to booking Advanced Flow.
Grip socks required, 50 min session.
Mat Pilates

It’s just you and your mat! Tone up with our full body mat workout and develop a strong foundation of Pilates. Increase the burn by utilizing the mini ball, hand weights, foam roller, and Magic Circle. Add Mat pilates to your workout routine, we know you’ll come back for more! 

*Mats will be provided. 60 min session, all levels welcome.


This intermediate class is for clients who have a basic foundation of Pilates. Tower is a piece of Pilates equipment that ensures proper stabilization while adding resistance for core strengthening, flexibility and lengthening of muscles. This is a fun and effective way to target different muscles and challenge your body in new ways!

*Grip socks required, 50 min session.

Bosu Booty Burn

Get toned with us! This class mixes the foundations of Pilates with modern exercise techniques. Improve your strength and balance while you feel the burn! Try a variety of equipment including Bosu Elites, booty bands, Jump board cardio, Reformers, and magic circles. Intermediate level class, moderate to fast paced instruction.

*Grip socks required, 50 min session.

Cardio Jump

Cardio, laying down? Sign us up! Get your heart rate up with our fast-paced (yet low impact) Jumpboard/Cardio workout. This dynamic class combines cardio and Pilates exercises for a full body burn. The Jumpboard is a fun way to target abs, glutes, and tone your lower body. A high intensity workout that will leave you energized from start to finish! Intermediate to fast paced instruction.

*Grip socks required, 50 min session.

Intermediate Control + Balance

Improve your overall strength and balance with our control class. Learn true body control by using your deep abdominal muscles. Expand your Pilates practice by joining us for a mixed equipment workout including the Bosu ball and Wunda chair. This class focuses on balance, strength, and a killer core burn. Intermediate-Advanced level class with moderate paced instruction.

*Involves standing balancing exercises and lots of wrist work. May not be suitable for clients with a wrist injury. 
Grip socks required, 50 min session.


Re-center your body with light movements and deep stretching. Create a mind body connection by flowing through stretching exercises and focusing on deep breathing. Hands-on assistance and support will help you stretch muscles and lengthen your body.
*Grip socks required, 50 min session.


Reset your mind and body with our new Yoga Flow class. Focus on deepening your Yoga practice and finding a beautiful flow within yourself. Enjoy deep breathing, slow stretching, and full body movement.

*Bring your mat. (Mat rental available for 2$)

50 min class, all levels welcome

Private Training Session

Private lessons are available to all clients who are looking for full attention from an instructor. We recommend private training to clients who need Pilates for Rehabilitation before they enter a group setting. These one on one sessions can also be used to help clients progress much faster in their practice and advance into upper-level classes. Scheduling is flexible and can work with your personal schedule!

*Grip socks required. 1 hr session

Semi-Private Training Session

Semi-Private sessions are available to all clients who are looking for full attention from an instructor. We recommend semi-private training to clients who want close want a private class in the studio for two people. These sessions can also be used to help clients progress much faster in their practice and advance into upper level classes.

*Grip socks required, 1 hr session*

*Grip Socks

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